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How to Hire Digital Marketing Account Manager: What to Look for?

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In order to expand your brand or company, you’ve chosen to engage in franchise digital marketing. You have high expectations, a tight budget, and a short window of time to start seeing results. It’s time to select a marketing agency now that you’ve done your research and thoroughly examined potential partners. Do you bring anyone?

Well, a lot will depend on an agency’s history, performance, relationships with vendors, potential specialties, and more. As a brand manager, there are many factors you should assess, but because the account manager will be in charge of your marketing environment, you should pay particular attention to the agency’s human resources, especially its team of digital marketing account managers. They might make you feel frustrated, perplexed, or reassured that all their effort and your money are paying off. The odds might be quite high.

The account manager is often the unsung hero of the digital marketing industry. They are supposed to juggle many balls at once and possess all the knowledge (and some of them do!). Realistically, the account manager’s task is to routinely gather data from a variety of sources and forge connections that will enable them to customise their marketing strategy, adhere to deadlines, establish targets, and aid in your comprehension of the worth of your digital marketing expenditure. That may seem like a lot, and it often is, which is why your account manager’s abilities, knowledge, and commitment are so crucial to the success of your franchise marketing. 

What Qualities Should A Good One Have In Light Of That?

A smart account manager should have a demonstrated skill set that enables them to manoeuvre through the confusing world of digital marketing. Your account manager should be completely at ease managing people, deadlines, data, expectations, and more, including interpreting hard data, modifying client budgets, correcting courses, and communicating with website developers, writers, vendors, and others. You might be in trouble if they can’t multitask and maintain composure under pressure, don’t have a strong understanding of the needs of the position, or both.

When you hire a good digital marketing account manager they constantly need to handle circumstances and people while also being able to understand information, create objectives, and manage situations. Good, though, isn’t necessarily sufficient. Sometimes, circumstances call for more, and in those cases, you’ll need a fantastic digital marketing manager rather than just a decent one. 


Your applicant will be a rock star in your organisation if they have the skill and cultural qualities you are looking for in addition to their extensive experience. If they do, however, possess skill and cultural traits but lack any experience, they will need to be trained as they go. You can still employ this individual, but think of them as an apprentice to the individual(s) in charge of the marketing strategy or activities for a few months while they become familiar with your technology, a particular media outlet, or a partner relationship.

Good indicators of experience for a marketing manager include:

  • Relevant Experience: Has experience working for a business in a related field or application
  • material Development: Skilled at strategically and effectively producing technical product material (case studies, white papers, and data sheets).
  • Product management is the practise of overseeing items or product lines and corresponding with potential customers.
  • vendor/partner co-marketing: expertise establishing new ties or having established ones with strategic partners or vendors
  • Understanding of new media and events, as well as inbound marketing, social media, web lead generation, etc.


By putting talent first, you may identify applicants with the potential to learn, develop, and advance your business. A gifted individual is capable of far more than simply reliving an event from the past; they are also able to adapt to new ideas and recognise the ideal marketing strategies for your business.

A competent individual most likely exhibits these qualities:

  • Intelligence is making judgements based on evidence and knowing how to develop practical strategies that produce outcomes.
  • Ability/Eagerness to Learn: a desire to advance and gain knowledge about new platforms, systems, and subjects
  • Participates in the creation of new strategies and can find creative solutions with limited resources or finances.
  • Product/Service Understanding a range of goods or services, their markets, and the most effective ways to advertise them to prospective clients
  • Knows how to use a variety of media, from conventional to digital, and has a talent for expanding their network.
  • Engages in discussion, retains an audience’s interest, is courteous, and listens in oral communication
  • Written Communication: Can create fresh content and writes with clarity, assurance, and eloquence.

Responsibilities Of A Digital Marketing Account Manager

Here are some duties when you hire from actual resumes of digital marketing account managers that represent typical duties they would probably carry out in their positions.

  • Manage SEM budgets and offer strategic advice for social media, display advertising, and paid search.
  • Organise data visualisation projects and provide enticing reports with strategic consequences.
  • Control milestone dates for the schedule in the corporate database and direct a full-service provider to update the Smartsheet schedule.
  • Consult with SEO and SEM experts.
  • Create and implement advertising programmes for SEM, SEO, targeted display, pre-roll, email, and social media.
  • Attend and settle JIRA tickets.
  • Create UI design wireframes with Photoshop and Balsamiq.
  • Support billing through hours tracking and assist scrum.
  • Use fundamental HTML knowledge to modify emails and webpages.
  • issues with inventory distribution, the operation of CRM software, etc.)
  • Create online banners and newsletters in HTML to promote services for channel partners.
  • Provide KPIs to corporate owners and evaluate the performance of projects and programmes.

Because of the fluid, dynamic nature of digital marketing, results are assessed across months and even years rather than just a few hours or days. Excellent account managers are aware of this and make sure the customer is as well. Empathy is arguably the most crucial trait to seek for in a great account manager because when an account manager can empathise with a customer, they can feel their hopes and anxieties deeply and are motivated to assist them. A client’s inquiries, worries, and triumphs in digital marketing are better handled by an account manager who recognizes that effective digital marketing has less to do with KPIs and keywords and more to do with being human. The relationship between the account manager and client is really what empathy recognises, and recognising that relationship may significantly impact outcomes.

Wrapping Up

Hiring digital marketing manager, whether they are excellent or poor, are still people with feelings and ambitions, and they value your comments. Inform the person you’re working with kindly if they aren’t living up to your expectations and seek to discover solutions to make things better. Don’t be scared to ask for a new one if that isn’t doable. Because of how much depends on a solid match between clients and account managers, agencies work hard to make sure it exists.

On the other hand, if your account manager is exceeding your expectations, providing leads, and meeting KPIs, be sure to let them know you value their dedication to your success; it goes beyond just flattery. When all is said and done, maintaining open and honest communication will go a long way towards increasing your ROI.

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