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Content Marketing in 2023: Trends and Predictions You Need to Know

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content marketing trends in 2023

Content marketing services will always stay in style when it comes to luring and closing deals with consumers. Content marketing allows you to reach your desired community at a low cost (or even for free) when executed properly. 

As we move into 2023, strategies for content marketing are changing. (in new and beautiful ways that build on the content and SEO trends in 2022). The rise of TikTok as a powerful marketing platform is just one example; another is the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) by marketers to boost productivity and eliminate writer’s block, both of which are particularly problematic for those who work in content marketing and must produce large volumes of copy regularly.

What should you be watching or trying out to see if it improves performance?

Let’s take a look at the major content marketing trends for 2023 and find out. Please continue reading to learn more about the following significant developments:

  • Concise, interactive, and designed specifically for mobile devices
  • The rapid growth of the creative economy
  • Collaboration between AI and business
  • Media of a lengthy or real-time nature 

A video that completely immerses the viewer for a short period

For a long time, video has been heralded as the most effective form of content for companies to spread awareness across channels, particularly on social media. According to the Content Benchmarks Report 2023, more than 50% of marketers believe the video to be the most valuable content type, with 25% believing that live video successfully achieves social media goals. 

Thus, according to Alison Battisby, Social Media Consultant & Founder of Avocado Social, video content and its algorithms are prioritized across all social networks, even text-based ones like LinkedIn. 

You need to be thinking vertically if you want to make videos in 2023, as 2022 was the year of engaging, full-screen immersive mobile-first video. Brands will embrace this format innovation and use it more frequently, both naturally and in paid advertising.

According to Battersby, successful companies conduct organic testing of their ideas before promoting the most successful pieces. Consider amplifying this trend if you see videos in your genre getting much attention on TikTok.

Some important things to remember when writing mobile-friendly brief pieces are as follows.

  • Don’t be afraid to use some force. Videos that go viral are typically between 15 and 30 seconds long and often conclude with a surprising reveal or transformation.
  • To keep viewers engaged, use catchy subtitles like “wait for what’s next.”
  • Try making original music or remixing existing songs to boost your chances of getting viral. (check out these tips from top TikTok creators)
  • Examine the most popular content across various mediums: hashtags, subjects, or songs.

The rise of the creative economy

In our article about the most critical developments in digital marketing in 2023, we predicted a burgeoning and shifting creator economy. As a result of this growth, competition among brands to acquire and keep the finest creators across platforms will increase dramatically.

So why is that? Many companies have content gaps they’d like to cover and current events they’d like to leverage. However, they are only sometimes equipped with the expertise or resources necessary to respond rapidly enough or in a manner that most effectively drives engagement and conversions. 

The integration of AI technology and promotional efforts

Many years of connection exist between artificial intelligence (AI) and advertising. By 2023, however, artificial intelligence will play a more significant part than ever before in content creation as consumers’ demand for personalization reaches a fever pitch. 

There are numerous recent AI-based products available today. Examples of AI-assisted content creation tools include Copy.ai, which aids in creating social media and blog posts, and Chat GPT, which is taught to engage in conversation and can be linked with Zapier to schedule blog posts or social media content as well as create drawings and videos. Marketers must adapt to these new platforms by learning their vocabulary and developing content-specific suggestions. 

Long-form and live film

Short-term content is popular with retailers. Ignoring longer-form content is an error. 

Backlinko says posts with over 3,000 words get 77% more backlinks. Long-form content like blogs, ebooks, and seminars is also suitable for SEO.

Long-form videos? According to a top Google executive, 40% of young people use TikTok and Instagram to find lunch spots instead of Google Maps. Thus, place-based films can attract visitors to your website or brand. 

Overview of 2023’s Most Important Content Marketing Trends

No matter how large or tiny, every company can benefit from quality content. The key is to know who you’re writing for and use every resource at your disposal to make material that will be useful to them. 

To ensure that your content marketing efforts in 2023 successfully reach the right people through the proper channels, consider the following essential trends. In 2023, to supercharge your content marketing, try new things, get inventive, and take risks.

Convince and engage your target audience with carefully crafted material.

There’s a wide variety of content out there, and it can take time to figure out which formats are best for your company. You’ll learn how to craft engaging narratives and develop effective characters during DMI’s brief content marketing certification program. Furthermore, you will understand the various digital platforms available for content distribution and gain the tools necessary to evaluate its success. Start right now!


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