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A Brand Marketing Agency That Matters To Your Customers

We’re dedicated to developing natural online subcultures. Understanding your business’s objectives is the first step in creating a social media marketing plan tailored to help you achieve those objectives. Our team will analyze your marketing plan and fill in the blanks to help your business get the most online exposure. We take your business to new heights thanks to our knowledge of social media marketing, ability to create unique strategies, and diligent implementation.

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about linkingdotts
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Result Driven Digital Marketing Agency

We believe that your website should be a reflection of your business. Our services are affordable and tailored to meet the needs of companies & startups.

We Crack Your Pain Points

We focus on both form and function in our work. To us, the mark of a truly excellent design is one that effectively addresses real-world challenges.

Effective Advertising

Our digital marketing solutions will help you build a solid online presence and lasting connections.

We plan, secure, and deliver

Linking Dotts delivers compelling digital marketing solutions for clients with simplified strategies, enhanced brand identity, and result-driven value.


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Know about us

Who Are We?

We’re built to expand into new areas of the media landscape, with the flexibility to respond quickly to shifts in customer behavior.

Digital Marketing Nerds

We keep up with the newest trends and innovations, explore different marketing tactics, and test them through internal campaigns to find the best ones to help our clients succeed.

We Bring Years of Expertise and Industry Experience to Every Project

We monitor everything that could give your company an edge, including minor and significant algorithm updates and platform-based developments.

Industry Knowledge

Our diverse industry experience helps us to give various skills and expertise in every project. We've worked with thousands of companies like yours, so we comprehend your needs.

Our Services

Target Oriented Customized Services

Through cutting-edge brand identity and ROI-based digital marketing, we help small businesses and multinational corporations alike create a solid foundation for global expansion.

Branding + SMM

Branding + SMM

Every day and unique brand experiences are planned. Seconds matter. We create large-scale brand ideas that move people and experiences that inspire sharing and lasting connections.



Due to our success, even cutting-edge online companies use our digital design services. Our construction-optimized websites work locally, regionally, and nationwide. No two web pages should look alike.



We provide content marketing services that boost website traffic. Our copywriters and content authors collaborate to create SEO-friendly content with well-organized keywords to draw the most relevant visitors.

Branding & Re-branding

Branding & Re-branding

We discover and engage in-market buyers for B2B Sales teams' revenue pipeline goals: industry-leading email, LinkedIn, and phone ads. We handle top-of-funnel jobs so your sales team can close more deals.



The value defines your items. Are your Amazon products precise? Bad photos? Your ratings: prompt and appropriate? These and other factors impact product value and sales. Our e-commerce experts give your efforts an unfair advantage.

Web Development

Web Development

Our web developers can save your company money while maintaining quality. Innovative designs and technology platforms earn our clients' faith. We create high-quality websites and connect you with new clients.


What Makes Us Different

Combine your imaginations with ours and make up a tale. Make a name for yourself by creating a unique persona. Brilliant and aesthetically pleasing identities result from a collaborative effort in which we apply strategy, design, and technology.


Get your brand the results and recognition it deserves – as quickly, profitably, and sustainably as possible. We'll put our A-team of performance marketers and web developers to work for you, and you'll see actual results where it counts.


Our overactive BS blockers work in both directions; if we believe we cannot do something, we will not claim that we can, and we are completely transparent with fees, media expenditure, and performance.


Your company has its objectives, challenges, and obstacles. As a result, we invest the time required to develop a customized plan for your business. We are digital experts, not simply marketers, designers, or developers.

Our Expertise

What Does Our Team Consist Of?

Our comprehensive array of performance and digital advertising solutions is built on years of experience and cutting-edge marketing knowledge. We use it to assist marketers in improving their brand’s reputation, swaying the opinions of potential customers, and ultimately increasing their bottom line.

How To Link The Leads

How To Link The Leads

Linkdin works as your customer's digital best friend. Having a business page on LinkedIn is an easy way to improve your Google search engine results, in addition to the other benefits we've already discussed.

Re-branding Services

Re-branding Services

Regarding the specifics of your company, we act as strategic advisers who help you choose the right words and the best medium for communicating. Discussions that make sense in the context of an issue can be facilitated by incorporating a strategy perspective.

Art and Personality

Art and Personality

The attention to precision and originality with which we tackle problems is what sets us apart—investigating the full realization of the picture. This incorporates advertising and the physical space in which the company exists.



For your business to succeed, it needs to mirror the world of high fashion. Our strategy in-house proprietary methods ensure that each aspect's positioning, substance, personality, and character are carefully crafted.


We Re-Structure Your First Digital Impression

Branding and positioning in marketing communication (Visually) is crucial because it gives the company more agency and influences its financial performance.

The essence and history of a company must be embodied in its name. Brand images’ visual vocabulary is what prompts people to think of those brands.

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Industries We Serve

Depending on your needs, we provide various business marketing management solutions, including search engine optimization (SEO), site design and development, pay-per-click (PPC), and social media marketing. eCommerce optimization, Amazon ads, ADA compliance services, link building, and conversion rate optimization are just some of our small business digital marketing services. (CRO).


We assist IT firms in reshaping their value chains, cutting costs, implementing development strategies that will stay manageable, and meeting and exceeding all business challenges.


I am trying to find a method to grow your company in the culinary sector. Build a site that is simple to update, optimized for search engines, and full of hungry customers.

Toys and Animals

Parents always want the best for their kids. Everything can be fixed by creating a website with top-notch visuals and effects.

Tourism and Lodging

Find out how Delicious Digital's advertising services can help your hospitality or tourism company put your distinctive experiences in the palms of your clients' hands and strengthen your relationships with them.

Residential builders and developers

Around the GTA, this industry is growing. Finding the right buyer for your home or business development project could mean thousands or millions in income. Our services help you identify and foster top prospects toward a big buy. 

Construction and Repair

Advertising your company's expertise and readiness for unusual tasks could generate new revenue. We serve all trades and home repair firms. 

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What Client Says About Us

Together with the client, we use the information from the discovery process to develop a plan and establish how the project relates to the brand’s larger mission. Learn as to how they feel now that the tasks have been completed.

    Linking Dotts work has generated a significant increase in our online conversions. We are particularly impressed with their professionalism and knowledge.

    John Doe

    Brews: Coffee beans

      Best. Product. Ever! I will refer everyone I know. Linking dotts for SEO is the next killer app.


      Founder Home Decor

        We were shown promising new ways to market our company during our partnership with Linking Dotts. Today we work with statistics and more accurate data and realize the digital space is essential for Clinica da Mama to position itself in an increasingly competitive field.

        Julio Cesar Vieira dos Santos

        Clinica da Mama, Owner


        Online Business Made Easy

        Whether you need a website redesign, social media management, or SEO optimization, our team of experts is here to help. With a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry, we deliver a customized strategy that fits your needs and goals.